Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Do you do the following?

1.Brush your teeth daily.

2.Bathe daily (atleast once).

3.Wash clothes daily(atleast inner garments)

4.Wear pressed clothes.

5.Polish your shoes daily.

6.Eat food on time

7.Work in the office sincerely.

Do you do the following?
1 yes

2 yes twice

3 yes

4 yes hubby does them for me

5 no

6 no

7 yes
Reply:1.Brush your teeth daily. no

2.Bathe daily (atleast once). no

3.Wash clothes daily(atleast inner garments) i change them 1 daily

4.Wear pressed clothes. no

5.Polish your shoes daily. no

6.Eat food on time no

7.Work in the office sincerely. no
Reply:Brush my teeth twice

Have a bath in the mornings

Don't wear skidders

Iron my work shirts

Polish shoes every month or so

Eat when I'm hungry

Work too bloody hard 5 out of the 7.
Reply:yeah. depends on if im in a super rush in the mornings though...

at least once...sometimes more, depending on what i am doing for the day...

i wash my laundry once a week. i wear clean undergarments every day... but i often wear the same jeans, depending on what im doing that week.

heck no. i keep lots of jeans and sweaters! they never need ironing.

nope. sorry. my boots get cleaned more often than anything, thats only about once a season or so...depending on how dirty they get.

nope. if im working though, yes. otherwise, i eat when im hungry.

yess... most of the time.. because im rarely in the office... and when im in a meeting and i have exausted all of my options and opinions, i just listen and doodle to my little hearts content.






Reply:1 yes

2 no I shower some days

3 yes

4 yes

5 no

6 yes

7 no I work with animals


2.Obviously yes




6.Not always and work are two different departments...!

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My older sister wrote this song tell me how you like it?

Come on everybody get down on your knee's.

It's time to...

bow down to me.

(Hehehe) look I'm you queen...

now isn't that sweet? (uhuh)

oop now time to polish them shoes of mine

(opps) you missed a spot, I'm sorry to say but yeah missed spot.



Everyone loves ma

Everyone wants ma (Wants ma whant, whant, wants ma)

bow, bow down to ma

becuase you want ma,

because you love ma


I'm not like your queen elizibith

and need to loose a few hundred pounds or so.

or am a hairy from head to toe

Hey but I don't really give ****

because see



Everyone loves ma

Everyone wants ma

bow, bow down to ma,

becuase you want ma,

because you love ma (love ma)


Some people say they should behead me

I say screw you

I'm the queen

bow down to your royal

(everyone wants ma, loves ma)

Im all like HIGHYAH

well here I am

i'm like jacky jan

i'll kick your *** all the way from here to japan

you know every one loves, and wants.


all them hot boys out there wanna marrie me

not because of my money

I think it's because of this *** of mine



chorus x2


My older sister wrote this song tell me how you like it?
It's ok. I think it's a little too pompus sounding to me, but she does have talent. I'd like to see some different works of hers.
Reply:sounds like something Lil Kim would sing.......not bad at all,very good with the rhyming.....can she sing it too or just write the lyrics?
Reply:it's weird but ok if u like that kind of s***
Reply:Yeah, it's not happening.
Reply:It's interesting. She's got some work to do if she wants to succeed at rapping, though.

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Which is the name of the style of fashion that using...?

Tights color.

T-shirts long with many colors, stripes.

Long jackets with buttons and V.

Red nail polish

Converse shoes

Bags Huge

(Im sorry for my english)

Which is the name of the style of fashion that using...?
sounds very like the 'indie' fashion! or it could be 'new rave' thats very colourful and bright!
Reply:scene kids
Reply:i would definitely call it "trendy urban"

hope this helps =)
Reply:i dont understand the question

there isnt a specific name of the fashion but you can find it at many stores

if you want some of those clothes try urban outfitters
Reply:yea, i think it might be indie, emo, gothic, or grunge?
Reply:I don't know.Stop being a poser and be yourself


87% of working men & women neglect to do this?

87% of working men %26amp; women neglect to do this?

Here r some wrong answer. So dont give the wrong answers to me

1. Work

2. Have Breakfast

3. Cut Their Hair

4. Go For A Holiday

5. Kiss Their Spouse

6. Service Their Car

7. Floss Their Teeth

8. Have Lunch

9. Smile

10. Say Good Morning

11. Exercise

12. Health Awareness

13. Wash Their Vehicles

14. Don't Speak To Their Parents.

15. Forgot To Hug Their Parents.

16. Give Money To Parents

17. No Proper Financial Planning

18. Make Their Bed

19. Brush Their Teeth At Night

20. Leavng Your Handphones On During Meetings

21. Eat As A Family

22. Keep Their Goals/New Years Resolution

23. Polish Their Shoes

24. Clean Up Their Work Desk

25. Submit Their Income Taxes

26. Drink A Cup Of Water After Waking Up

27. Go For Their Medical Check Up

28. Pray

29. Taking A Shower

Pls do give me ur answer in dis 3 days. Thx . It is for a good cost

87% of working men %26amp; women neglect to do this?
Change the toilet paper roll when it runs out
Reply:spend more time with balanced check book
Reply:wash their hands
Reply:neglect to wash their hands
Reply:spend much time with there kids
Reply:Many of your answers are not "neglectful" things.

Regardless of that..I would say either say "I love you" to the kids or kiss or hug a child everyday.
Reply:neglect to.. get 8 hours of sleep maybe

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I made a small scratch on the screen of my 50" HDTV. I asked for advice on how to remove it (on Yahoo answers)

and some moron told me to use toothpaste with a moistened q-tip. He said to use a slightly abrasive toothpaste like Colgate and to go over the scratch in circular motions (like polishing a shoe). Well, I did just that, and it had absolutely NO EFFECT on the scratch, but now I have this matte area around the scratch that doesn't go away. You can especially see it when the tv is shut off. It's just a slightly different colored spot smack in the middle of my $2,300 4 month-old widescreen tv. Is there anything I can do to at least remove the spot?

I made a small scratch on the screen of my 50" HDTV. I asked for advice on how to remove it (on Yahoo answers)
Look this may sound stupid, but as a car parts manufacturer inspector years ago, I successfully got rid of scratches by very carefully put a lighter to it and heat the scratched area, then rubbed my thumb to it,( keep lighter at a fair distance away from plastic, just heat up the area so carefully, DO NOT MAKE IT MELT) this got rid of the problem.
Reply:The surface of your screen is apparently plastic if toothpaste abraded it. My suggestion is to find a plastics specialty company in your area, one that sells and makes items from plastics, as well as sells plastic materials. As them for recommendations and if at all possible have someone come to your house and work on it. If the scratch was deep, there are filler materials that can be used. The abraded area can be polished with special compounds. But this is a task for experts, do not try to do it yourself, even if the store tries to sell you a plastic finishing kit. Get an expert, or leave it alone.
Reply:Use the liquid you get with cd cleaners,it is the best way to make scracthes disappear on screen.They come with a soft lint free a small amount on the cloth then rub in circular motions,then rub off with dry portion of cloth in same manner.You may have to do more than once.I am assuming of course you have a prjection tv with a plastic type screen on front.If so the front screen itself can be changed for a reasonable rate.Check online with the manufacturer of your tv for a service center closet to you and call for a quote.As it is just a screen they will be able to tell you price on the phone...
Reply:Oh my.

About the only think I could SUGGEST would be to totally forget about anything abrasive altogether - and get something like a woolen polishig mit and attach to a "dremel" type drill on LOW speed - applying VERY little pressure. you MIGHT just polish out the matt area - but:-

1. DO test on bit of plastic first to make sure it seems to polish and not "make matt"

2. This is a suggestion - at the risk of sounding harsh, it took two morons to damage your screen - one to SUGGEST an abrasive and.......

3. Failing this, you could see if your TV warranttee covers you for accidental damage perhaps - either with TV OR through house contents insurance.

Other suggestion: Do some googling for "polishing marks out of plastic" - and similar phrases. There MAY be other products out there (which will NOT be abrasive) that may help you.

PS: As for the original scratch, unless it is VERY shallow, then I am guessing you may end up living with it - unless there is a liquid with the same optical density that could be used as a "filler" of the scratch.


Italian groom/ German bride- marriage......?

After the large wedding and the Italian groom carries his new 'German' wife over the threshold....he proceeds to lay down the RULES....

I shall drink when i want with my buddies-where i want- and stay out as late as i want without a question from your mouth! i want all meals served on time even if i come home late or not at all from work. I will go out to poker on impulse if im invited and i will never hear a word from your mouth and you will treat me like a king at all times and even polish my shoes without me i UNDERSTOOD?

His new wife sweetly responds.." I understand dear...ill just have you know that....there will of course be sex here every night at 7 if youre home or not"

Italian groom/ German bride- marriage......?
Wonderful...Women are tired of being dependent on men. It is high time we also have our say... Timberlake will say what goes around always comes back around...
Reply:Hahahaha! Good one for a Sunday! :)
Reply:Good girl, that's the way to do it ,hit them back and be more clever than they think they are, bossy man. Who does he think he is?.Typical selfish,know it all husband, isn't he?
Reply:haha, funny one :)
Reply:Now thats what i call a happy marriage

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The best way to gain an edge over the white man is to have our own resources?

We must have black people learn how to have our own commerce. We must learn to spend money in the black community. The next time u want your nails done, find a black nail salon. Groceries, find a black grocer, gas, find a black gas station...u get the picture. Look at the Mexicans, they have not been here nearly as long and by gosh, they have banks now, grocery stores, taxi companies...and so on. The Mexican are building a commerce that reflects them; pretty soon they wont even have to look at the white man except with disgust. Black people we must learn where to spend our dollar. Once we do this, white people can only then polish our shoes.


Honor going to:

Black Panthers

Martin Luther King

Marcus Garvey

Angela Davis

W.E. Dubois

Malcom X

Harriet Tubman

I love all of u for sharing the same blood as I

The best way to gain an edge over the white man is to have our own resources?
well, just keep it up why don't you? keep

the prejudism ball a-rollin'....

people wonder why the violence in this country, it's cause of narrow-minded biggots like yourself that spend too much time keeping racism and prejudice alive within your own circle.

Lord, it's 2007....time to band together, not keep putting up walls against each's time to let racism be a thing of the past!
Reply:I am offended by your post. In my opinion it screams of seperatist and racist politics. I have lived in many different "communities" but I wouldnt be caught dead in any of them touting what could be construed as Jim Crow "seperate but equal" tripe.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, however. I just don't happen to agree with YOURS.

One last thought. In your post you give honor to Dr. King. If I recall my history correctly, his idea of equality was vastly different from yours. Perhaps you could benefit from reviewing his "I Have a Dream" speech.

In case you're wondering, yes I AM a white man.
Reply:Yes keep rascism a thing of the past, BUT take care of yourselves, yes use your own ressources, that's wealth. Don't be just rich!!

When the sh*t hits the fan you better have smth of your own. Gain a little power, have more influence. Definitely.

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